Easter Owl

On Easter morning we were called to rescue this baby great horned owl.  Have a look at the video–especially the little owl turning to look at Susan.  April 16, 2017

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IMG_2653 Although first response emergency care is our primary focus, getting animals that need a home to a place where they can be happy and also be helpful is a win for all involved. These bearded dragons are now part of the Paul Revere Middle School Farm/Science department, where they are appreciated and help educate and expose students to the amazing traits of reptiles.

Reaching out to veterans is not only about helping their animals. We got to know Norman by helping him with his dogs and cats and when we heard about this special day on the Iowa Battleship, we decided to make sure he could get there and be recognized for his service.  Norm has seen some hardships since this event a while back.  We have remained engaged with him and his animals.

Topanga Animal Rescue at the Veterans
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and is a happy chappy.  Don’ let anyone tell you that camels are mean and nasty.
Teddy is intelligent, affectionate and very obedient–having been trained entirely
with positive reinforcement.  As you can see from his gray muzzle, he is not a
young camel–which makes the point–you can teach an old camel new tricks.
 camel getting better
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A benefit for Topanga Animal Rescue is happening this Saturday at the Ribbit Tree and Plant Nursery on Old Topanga Canyon Rd.  Have a look at this poster and join us!!

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After nine months of care, Teddy Pancho is thriving.  His humps are up.  His fur is thick and healthy and he is walking on his previously injured leg.

A much happier Teddy Pancho mugs for the camera.

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Kitten with No Tail

Rusty the kitten has needed quite a few of his 9 lives to make it to 3 months.  He is from a litter of five kittens dropped off to Topanga Animal Rescue with their tails cut off! It is hard to fathom such cruelty to defenseless creatures.  Rusty, curious as he is, had also suffered severe burns to his little mouth when he attempted to bite through an electrical cable.  Although deemed not likely to make it by a local veterinary clinic, Susan has the little tabby doing quite well. He has been adopted and mothered by the permanent cats at TAR.  Rusty still needs many more operations to fix the burn damage to his mouth. He is hand fed daily , but he is active and affectionate.  His spirit and spunk is an inspiration to us all.

Procedures that Rusty needs: His upper palate has two holes to the nose cavity. Another difficult surgery is needed to close them.  He is hand fed multiple times daily and then nursed gently to flush his mouth removing trapped food in the nasal cavity. He will need more surgeries in the coming months and years.


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Topanga Animal Rescue at the Veterans Appreciation Festival, San Pedro

Topanga Animal Rescue at the Veterans

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Susan Clark of TAR and Teddy Pancho getting more acquainted.

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Rescue Camel in Topanga

Topanga Animal Rescue is working hard to make sure this handsome fellow adjusts to his new life in Topanga. Watch this blog for continuing photo and video coverage of the Topanga Camel.

The rescue camel on the mesa in Topanga

Susan getting to know her newest patient, the rescued camel.


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Susan at Topanga Drill

Susan Clark at Topanga Emergency Drill

Susan representing Topanga Animal Rescue and TCEP Small Animal Division at the Topanga Evacuation Drill that took place on April 28. Susan was stationed at the Taft High School site in the Valley. Topanga Animal Rescue was also represented on the coastal side at Pali High by Ken Mazur.

Participating residents were given literature and tips on evacuation protocol, most important of which is the need to have all animals in carriers or cages.


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