Outreach at Topanga Elementary

This video was forwarded to us by a Topanga Elementary School parent.  It is a performance of a song from “Stop, Drop and Roll,” an original musical written for Topanga Animal Rescue to inform children about emergency preparedness for both animals and people.  We bring this program to Topanga Elementary First Grade each year.  Music and lyrics by Ken Mazur.


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Service Organization of the Year

State Senator Fran Pavley presents certificate to Topanga Animal Rescue

The Topanga Chamber of Commerce has selected Topanga Animal Rescue as the Service Organization of the Year 2011. An award ceremony was held at Froggy’s on February 25. The event included the presentation of plaques and certificates of recognition by Zev Yaroslavski’s Office, State Senator Fran Pavley, The LA County Sheriff’s Department, State Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, and the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.



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Our Community

Since the posting of the letter below, the issue was voted on by the Supervisors and settled in favor of our position. Topanga Animnal Rescue wishes to thank all the folks who took the time to write letters, call their supervisor, show up downtown and in general take an interest in the future of our amazing community.  It is very encouraging to participate in our democratic process and see it working.


Topanga Animal Rescue and the LA Supervisor Redistricting Issue: (Sept. 6, 2011) 

This letter was read by Ken Mazur before the County Board of Supervisors on September 6, 2011  at the open hearing concerning the County Redistricting plans.

My name is Ken Mazur.  I live in the Third District.  I am here representing Topanga Animal Rescue,  a 501c3 that has been helping animals in Topanga for over 20 years. TAR sits on the LA County formed Topanga Emergency Management Task Force, and co-ordinates its activities and  goals with other Topanga and Santa Monica Mountain organizations such as T-CEP, TASC and the Topanga Watershed Committee. As an animal rescue organization we receive calls from everyone, from folks virtually living in the creek beds to those on 25-acre ranches.  Our work is in many ways representative of the culture and issues weaving the 3rd district into a practical and effective political entity.  Rescue work brings us in contact with domestic farm animals, pets and wildlife.  The continued sustainability of the coexistence of these three animal groups amidst a growing human population involves educational,   environmental, transportation, disaster response, and land use issues.  Our current Supervisor was elected by the people of our communities to help us address these common regional issues, to make government responsive to the challenges of our area in a way that is efficient and sensitive.  We now have such a district, and a very appreciated representative government that is doing an excellent, creative and proactive job of meeting the challenges of our area.  Topanga Animal Rescue strongly opposes the T1 & S2 maps which would deprive us of our rightfully elected representation and threaten the very substantial accomplishments of decades of dedicated, intelligent, responsive government.   We ask you to preserve something which is working well.  I urge the County Supervisors to support a map that would meet the Voting Rights Act requirements without reassigning 3.5 million people into districts with a Supervisor they did not vote for.    Thank you,

Ken Mazur:  Treasurer, webmaster, Topanga Animal Rescue

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Kitty On The Boulevard

This little guy was rescued right on Topanga Canyon Boulevard as he tried to cross through the traffic at Oxnard.  Ken pulled across the lanes, stopped traffic and with the help of other concerned drivers, managed to pick him up.  He may have spent a life or two, but he already has a wonderful new home with a employee from our local Starbucks.

Jaxon at his new home.

Recently Rescued from traffic. Topanga/Oxnard Boulevards
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Animal Needs A Home?

Animal needs a home? Looking for a great companion? Keep an eye on this page for foster and placement opportunities as well as recent TAR activities .

Our booths at the T-CEP fair, Topanga Animal rescue and T-CEP Outreach

We had an eventful weekend participating in the T_CEP Disaster Prep Fair in Topanga. Our booths in the photo above were kept pretty busy, giving out pamphlets about being ready for disasters, selling lemonade, sharing our new website and the media  on it, making folks aware of our activities and the resources available in Topanga for disaster situations.  October 2, 2011.

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