Topanga Animal Rescue is currently involved in a major feral cat neuter and placement effort involving scores of cats for the Salvation Army at their large facility in Canoga Park. Here are a couple of  lucky kittens who have already now found new homes.(12/2015)

IMG_2394        IMG_2408

We recently found this old shot below from the Coyote Club in Topanga. Classes for young children emphasized responsibility
and empathy for animals as well as basic skills in animal interaction.

Ken and Jamie set up for Animal Education

Ken and Jamie set up for Animal Education

At the T-CEP Disaster Prep Fair selling lemonade and cookies to raise funds while bringing information to the publiuc about pet emergency preparations.

Our booths at the T-CEP fair, Topanga Animal rescue and T-CEP Outrea

Susan with kids at Topanga Elementary Presentatio 



Songs from our Emergency Readiness Musical

(music, lyrics and production by Ken Mazur© all rights reserved)


Stop Drop and Roll

Don’t Leave Me Behind

Are You Prepared?


The Outreach Readiness Musical at Topanga Elementary





Stop Drop and ROLL!



Topanga Animal Rescue

Pet Chipping at the Fair
Pet Chipping at the Fair

Pet Chipping at the Fair

The Chipping Program 

Susan teaching Animal Ed at the Coyote Club 













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