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Susan Clark and Ken Mazur of Topanga Animal Rescue were honored on November 18, 2016 at the  100th Anniversary of the National Park Service event in Agoura Hills, CA,  for their 25 years of rescue work and long standing commitment to issues relating to the preservation of the Santa Monica Mountains natural environment. (12/24/16)


Topanga Animal Rescue rescued and placed this swan in a beautiful, sheltered water environment four years ago.  Recently the property managers decided that they no longer wanted her there so we collected her and found her a fantastic natural habitat home in Northern CA. She is there now.  Below, volunteers, Jamie and Kaira bring out the cage for transport.(7/6/16)

swan 2



Jamie and Kiara


These little guys were rescued by Topanga Animal Rescue from a pool with no mother around.  (7/2/16)baby ducks




Susan Clark tending to a baby deer hit by car on the Boulevard at night. (posted 6/28/16) This rescue actually took place about 6 days ago.  Topanga Animal Rescue would like to thank the 2 gentleman who stopped to help with this rescue, as well as Jamie Mazur, who is learning a lot at a very young age.

Deer by road







Young Parrot Rescued from the deadly heat.(6/26/16)
This is one of the baby parrots that Susan Clark of Topanga Animal Rescue.org rescued from the 115 fahrenheit (46 celsius) heat wave. He was dehydrated and dying. He is improving daily and has become quite a handful.Parrot










Rescued from the kitty litter box–you never know where a rescue will be needed. (6/18/16)

Baby Lizard

Susan Clark with Firemen

Volunteer, Susan Clark working with Local LA County firemen at the site of a house fire (12/2015). Topanga Animal Rescue administered oxygen to the smoke inhalation impacted pups and transported them to a vet hospital. The owner, suffering from the effects of the fire as well as cancer, lost everything in the fire. Topanga Animnal Rescue pledged to the hospital to cover the bills so she could get her loving pooches back right away. If you can help us with these costs, please do so via our pay pal button. We are a 501c3. Everyone is a volunteer and all the money goes to keep the rescue efforts going for situations like this. We have been helping animals and their humans for 22 years. Your donation is tax deductible.


Topanga Chamber of Commerce’s Service Organization of the Year

Topanga Animal Rescue is dedicated to helping animals. We are first responders, providing immediate medical field triage, treatment and transport for animals in distress.

Other important services include support for and development of community education programs as well as outreach and pet support for seniors, veterans and the poor. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Topanga Animal Rescue has been active in LA County for over 22 years.

Our Hotline Number is: 310 455 7268.

mobile UNIT blueTopAnimalRescueDbl smallHelp us fight to end this ongoing Crisis!

Over population is the biggest cause of homelessness for dogs and cats in America.

Too many animals, not enough homes that can adopt them.

A dog or cat’s life is terminated in a U.S. shelter every 8 seconds!

11,000 shelter dogs and cats die EVERY single day.

Tragically, most of these deaths could be prevented with education and more facilities for the spaying and neutering of pets.

We must respond to this crisis!

With a mobile clinic, Topanga Animal Rescue will offer spay/neuter surgeries for pets throughout Los Angeles County in the hopes of making a difference.

                                                                                 Fight  to end this ongoing crisis.







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